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Residential Mailboxes  

Residential Mailboxes | Mailboxes For Sale

Residential Mailboxes are a must for anyone to receive mail delivery at a new home address.   Residential Mailboxes are generally the last thing that people will think about when they have just built a new home but they are very important if you want to get the mail delivered to your house. There are basically two styles of mailboxes to choose from, a wall mount mailbox and a mailbox with a post.


Wall Mount Mailbox

Residential Mailboxes that are mounted on a wall will be serviced by a postal service worker who walks to deliver the mail to your door.  This particular mailbox should be mounted at a certain distance off the ground and firmly mounted on the wall so that it will withstand the repetition of the mail being placed into the box over several years.  These types of mailboxes can be decorative mailboxes, unique mailboxes or if you prefer simple standard mailboxes.  This is really a choice that you have to make to fit your style or tastes.  


Brick Mailbox Designs

Residential Mailboxes with posts are used for residents that live in the rural areas or in subdivisions that will have their mail delivered by a postal service carrier who will be driving a mail car instead of a walking route.  These mailboxes should be placed at a special height so that the carrier will be able to pull up to the mailbox and deliver the mail without having to reach too high or too low to open the box.  You can be creative when choosing the designs of these types of mailboxes.  Some people like to look into brick mailbox designs to get plans for building their own post and then placing the mailbox on top of the brick design.  Generally these are built in subdivisions so that everyone in that area will match or be uniformed.  Others like to use the basic wooden posts and a standard mailbox.  Whatever mailbox designs that you choose, make sure that they are approved by the home owners association or the post office.  

Choosing from all the Residential Mailboxes can be fun and exciting because you are able to bring out your personality by the style you choose. When making your choice, keep in mind that you want the mailboxes to be made of durable, rust resistant, quality materials and the posts should be rot resistant so it will withstand all the weather elements.  Don't buy just the cheapest mailbox you can find.  Buy from the Residential Mailboxes that are built to last.

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