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Unique Mailboxes are truly what makes a house a home. A lot of people like to show off who they really are with their own personalized styles. One of the ways to do this is to pick from the many custom mailboxes for sale in your local garden centers. Some of the Unique Mailboxes that you will find at these types of stores are brick mailbox designs so you can build your own custom mailboxes out of any type of bricks you like, toppers that have animal themes, sports themes and mailboxes that look like buildings. These are all a lot of fun to look at and they all tend to make you smile when you see them.

Some Unique Mailboxes that men like to show off are fishing themed mailboxes. These are very popular for men who like to send a message that, they would rather be fishing instead of working. Another fun manly theme is the golfer, hitting a golf ball. These are generally for men who are retired and sending a message that they are finally doing what they what to do, golfing.


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Horse Trailer Mailbox

Unique Mailboxes | Residential Mailboxes | Mailboxes For Sale | Fish Mailbox | Bass Mailbox

Bass Lure Mailbox

Unique Mailboxes | Residential Mailboxes | Barn Mailbox | Rural Mailboxes | Mailboxes For Sale

Barn Mailbox

Women will make Unique Mailboxes fit their personal style usually by adding flowers or even a flower garden around the mailbox post.  A lot of times they even like to make a point about how much they love their animals.  These are a lot of fun to look at because they will sometimes have puppies and kittens in the mix. After all, who doesn’t like to look baby animals?


Locking Mailbox

Unique Mailboxes should reflect your personality or make a statement but they should also be functional and secure. Take note that if you are ever going to buy or make one of these custom mailboxes, make sure they are made from weather resistant materials and possibly a locking mailbox. After all it is your responsibility to protect your own identity at the same time expressing who you are.

You can just imagine how many different Unique Mailboxes that a postal worker will see in their postal career. They probably could write a book on all of the wonderful and crazy styles they have seen. Take a look around when you are walking in your neighborhood and see how many funny and Unique Mailboxes you can find.

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